WebNews August 2017

The lease from Thames Water looks like being about 2 months away from being signed. We have said this before but this time it does look true. At a recent meeting the last objections from each side were settled so the road (or track) ahead seems clear.


In the July WebNews we reported gaining the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.
This was collected by some of our members on 5th July at a ceremony in central London .




The award being collected by Bernard Chorley

We are now seriously planning the main line. The first part is the most difficult as it involves threading between obstructions and over pipes which will have to be properly bridged.
We recently ran a First Aid course and now have quite a few volunteers who have at least the basics of what to do.

20170801_002Our railway extension is making slow progress because the section currently being laid requires laying to quite close tolerances and the rails don’t always want to bend to the shape required. However, we recently took the coaches as far as we could and were pleased to see the clearances were as we expected.




The test train at the “head of steel”