WebNews November 2017

WebNews – November 2017

The Ghost night went very well and the new patio area for the IMG_5190arefreshment marquee was finished in time. We took over £800 in ticket sales, souvenirs and donations. Huge thanks to the many people involved in the preparation and the operation. There was some great scenery, costumes and acting! Unfortunately, the photos (all taken in daylight) don’t do full justice to the production. Everyone was too busy to take them during the actual performance.





We will consider running it over two nights next year but volunteers need to be involved in any decision to go ahead.
The gates for the end of the loading siding are finished and look 20171012_007very good.

They just need the railway’s logo on them to be considered really finished.
The Santa Specials tickets are sold out already. Theses include extra trains put on for the final weekend.
Event dates for 2018 have been agreed and are here 2018 Events
We had a meeting with Hounslow Planning Department last week about our extension and although there seems to be a great deal to do, there do not seem to be any serious hurdles. No great progress on the lease yet.
Darent will be out of action for a large part of next year; we have started to look for a temporary replacement and have located three so far.
There will be a tool sale at the next KGES steaming (18/19 November).
The winter job list is being drawn up now.