WebNews September 2017

The railway is doing well with visitor numbers up 12 % on last year after a poor start.
Approximately one mile of track (enough to get us to Bunny Lane) will be arriving on September 21st. This has taken a while to organise with the supplier and also because of the need to clear space to put it.
20170822_006We have stopped laying track on the extension for a while as there is a need to plan ahead. In particular the next section (across the picnic field) has hidden pipework which needs to be properly bridged but we are not sure where it is. Determining just where it is happening now but the results are not clear. It might be that a hand dug trench is necessary. We might be able to lay the next length of track in about a months time.
We can now take online bookings for special events i.e. Ghost Night & Santa trains and can take card payments in the ticket office.
The new patio area by the booking office should be ready for use by early October and will be especially useful for Ghost Night & Santa trains.
On September 17th, local councillors will be paying a visit.
A week later, September 24th, will be our annual classic car show.
There are now two parking spaces marked out for disabled. There are at the opposite end of the gravel area to the toilets. They can be used by anyone on week days.
The railway will be organising refreshments for the London Open House weekend, Sept. 16/17th.
The solar lighting programme for the railway (paid for with a grant from the Heathrow Community Fund) is almost complete.
There is a new sign advertising the railway at the Snakey Lane entrance.
Not so good is the signing of a lease with Thames Water has moved back again due to Thames Water wanting us to take a slightly longer route to give them more space for possible future development.
For volunteers there is more on their own (password protected) area of the website.