The mission of Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway Company (a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 08428299) is:

  1. To restore the narrow-gauge railway originally created by the former Metropolitan Water Board to connect the Hampton and Kempton waterworks pumping stations.
  2. To conduct and develop the business in a way that will safeguard the railway as a valued recreational amenity for the foreseeable future.
  3. To co-operate with the Kempton Great Engines Trust (Kempton Steam Museum) to provide a combined visitor attraction on the shared site.
  4. To work with the Metropolitan Water Board Society of volunteers to build and operate the railway as a not-for-profit visitor attraction.
  5. To ensure that operations are conducted in a safe, responsible way.
  6. To organise training so that volunteers may develop a wide range of technical skills for the mutual benefit of both the Railway and themselves.
  7. To encourage local people to participate in and to support the endeavour.
  8. To co-operate with Thames Water conservators, historical societies and schools to develop educational opportunities.