sk.mk1twi-railWe have created a number of simple 4-Wheeled trolleys or ‘Skates’ to transport construction tools and materials around, while being easy to lift off the track, out of the way. The first light-weight 4-wheel trolley, or ‘Skate’, was used to help move equipment and rail around TWI railway as we dismantled it, including the movement of the lifted rail. It proved so useful at TWI that we determined to create acouple more of these vehicles which are easy to lift on/off the track.


A jimcrow

 The Mk2 now moves the (very heavy!) jimcrow around to the length of track where it is needed.   If you didn’t know, a jimcrow is used to put bends in rail.

A third skate, shown below, is used to move wheelbarrows, typically full of ballast. The deck has a slot for the wheel of the barrow to locate the barrow and aid the tipping.  Both Mks 2 & 3 have bolsters available to assist with the transport of lengths of