The diesels

"New" diesels arrive at Kempton7am, Thursday 22 May 2014. The two long awaited Jenbach Hunslet diesels arrive on site after overhaul by Alan Keef Ltd. Both are 4w4 DH 25’s 9338/0050 of 1994 and, possibly, no.9357.

Our engine shed is just long enough to hold both these diesels and Darent but Hounslow, our 4w PH has been relegated to the carriage shed.

IMG_0570-72The arrival of these new, to us, engines could hardly have been better timed as on 25 May, 9357 was pressed into service as Darent suffered a hot box. This delayed diesel debut enabled our regular Sunday service to be maintained although diesel disappointed some visitors!"New" diesels arrive at Kempton