WebNews March 2017


New breakout point ready for use

At the briefing on 28/02/17 Bernard Chorley brought in new safety rules about the use of ear defenders & safety goggles. Every working member will be issued with these and it is their responsibility to use them when necessary and look after them. Wagons are not to be pushed by hand.

Publicity. There will be some adverts on Brooklands Radio (web based). A banner is to be put up at Sunbury Tesco and also publicity material on their information board. We will be at the Shepperton Charity Fair on 11th March with the new dummy loco on a trailer. There will be a poster on the website for members to print off and display.

Project Planning. In future work (projects) will have to be properly planned and approved before starting to avoid unnecessary work as happened recently.

On public days after parking their cars, visitors will be directed round in front of the Engine House to avoid cars.


Darent is towed over the new point to check for track movement

Gift Aid. Anyone wanting to make a donation to the railway should do so through the Company in order that Gift Aid can be claimed. If you want to donate a specific new piece of equipment DO NOT buy it and just bring it along. Talk to the treasurer (Bernard Chorley). He will accept a donation from you and then buy whatever it is. That way we not only get Gift Aid but can also reclaim VAT which makes your donation worth nearly twice as much.

TW Lease. Still not quite there. TW need a couple more weeks to decide if they need a certain piece of land. If they do we can go round them.

We do not want any more wood for Darent. What we have will last for years and has been moved.


The new dumper truck on arrival

A lot of recent work has gone into installing the “breakout” point. This has now been finished to our satisfaction but will need care monitoring for a while. A lot more work has been done to get Darent ready to run again. Unfortunately, although the work is almost complete, it will not be able to run for a few weeks as it is awaiting delivery of some parts. Some work went into extending the siding by the Running Shed but this ran into trouble when it was realised that the trackbed was not low enough. By that time the digger was out of service so the job is not finished. With the main line finished, work on the siding can go ahead. The extended siding is needed to store stock which was on the gravel area by the old SG embankment. Some has already been moved. This area will be used for storing the new track panels we are buying.

There has been a general tidy-up for the new season although the “viewing area” still needs more work. A new wheelchair ramp down into the area in being constructed as the previous one is now closed by earthworks in connection with the extension.

The digger has been restored to running order and on Tuesday 7th March our new dumper truck arrived. This will save a lot of wheelbarrow trips!

Thursday 9th March saw a visit from the Office of Rail & Road. The inspector was happy with our track and he offered a few ideas for us to consider for the future such as written exams for footplate crew and guards.